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Join us for a morning briefing as we discuss the latest political and economic developments around the region, including the latest from the ASEAN-U.S. Special Summit in Washington and the presidential election results in the Philippines.

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Elaine Collado (Country Director, Philippines of Vriens & Partners)

Elaine Collado

Country Director, Philippines of Vriens & Partners

Jeremy Mullins (Country Director, Myanmar of Vriens & Partners)

Jeremy Mullins

Country Director, Myanmar of Vriens & Partners

Donna Priadi (Country Director, Indonesia of Vriens & Partners)

Donna Priadi

Country Director, Indonesia of Vriens & Partners

Samuel Pursch (Director, Vietnam of Vriens & Partners)

Samuel Pursch

Director, Vietnam of Vriens & Partners

Yuen Sin (Senior Associate, Singapore at Vriens & Partners)

Yuen Sin

Senior Associate, Singapore at Vriens & Partners

Isra Sunthornvut (Country Director, Thailand of Vriens & Partners)

Isra Sunthornvut

Country Director, Thailand of Vriens & Partners

Nazhif Yusoff (Country Director, Malaysia of Vriens & Partners)

Nazhif Yusoff

Country Director, Malaysia of Vriens & Partners

Hans Vriens (Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners Pte Ltd)

Hans Vriens

Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners Pte Ltd

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